How It Started.


And a silence that could deafen any listening ear. A void so deep only time could fill it.

And then a Whisper.

A Whisper so soft only straining ears could sense it. Tingling and mingling particles together, it gently filled the void.

A Light.

Beams of illumination gather together and slice Darkness like a knife through a curtain.

And then the Whisper changed, its pitch dropping to an imperceptible hum- a hum so deep only bone and sinew could feel it.

Spinning orbs.

Spheres of gas and matter have appeared now in the void. Carefully crafted, completely synchronous, conspicuously immaculate orbs.

And One.

One small Orb finds its way into the Light and a melody arises as colors flash on its horizons.

Golds and pinks and hues so brilliant only the imaginative eye can swallow. Soon the Light finds a home, and colors appear on shapes and figures. The Orb is cobalt liquid and it is hazel dust and it is viridescent leaves.


Objects move along Orb’s surface. And the melody’s tempo quickens and gains clarity and depth.

The Objects are called creatures and they are big and they are small. Scaly and soft and subterranean. Some walk and some crawl. A few swim.

The melody and bass line collide.

And a song has been melded. A song so rich and so vibrant, any listening ear or bone and sinew or imaginative eye would be left confounded. Its orchestration has been waiting patiently to burst forth in this moment.

The song crescendos and a new form appears.

Its substance unlike any other, the new form has soul and reason and eternity inlaid in its composition.

The new form is Man.

And its pair from the same dust named Woman. And they are equal. In time, in value, in eternal worth, the two complete each other, complement each other, enjoy each other.

The tone has softened now.

Colors dance through shafts of light like children in a ballet. Finding their way through their canvas, they cascade and fall gently on the Man and his Woman.

The song now slows, weaving and winding into its last notes. It’s a mixture of melody and rhythm that will forever exist from this moment on.

It will only be interrupted once, when the Orb- now called Earth- stands still in awe at the death of its only infallible man.

And in His moments of last breath and blood splatter, the song turned into a silence and it deafened every listening ear, stilled every bone and sinew, and it killed the Darkness, tugging and wrenching its particles apart and sending them into oblivion.

And there was Light.

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  1. Hi Corinne 🙂 Where could I find your blog? Or duly noted is your blog? Sorry for being a goof. Perhaps, you can email it to me. Thank You! I love being connected with co-christians 🙂

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